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Furniture: 33 Garden Stools
Enjoy a brief history about this ancient little seat from China, then view over 30 garden stools perfect for coastal and tropical spaces, both indoors and outside.
# Lighting: Bubbles & Waves! 
Just for you! We put together an eclectic collection of lovely lamps and lighting fixtures evoking happy oceanic bubbles and undulating ocean waves.
I History of Rattan & Wicker
The truth about the history of wicker and rattan just may surprise you. In fact, these natural materials are embedded into the story of civilization itself, and now are seeing a resurgence in popularity worldwide. 
s Octopus Entertaining Gifts 
Use any of these octopus-inspired  tableware and serving pieces to create a fun ocean-themed party. 
j Tropi Home Office Furniture  
Want to use furniture to add an instant tropical or beach vibe in your home office? Get it from any of these exceptional pieces sold at all price points.



F Fun Books to Read Now
Explore books about: the soul and consciousness of the octopus; collecting and identifing beach treasures; decorating with coastal-blue colors; Ricochet, the surfing therapy dog loved by millions; the exoticism and charm of rattan; tips for growing indoor tropical plants; and how to teach your dog to surf the waves!


m Hang 16! Amazing Dog Surfing Competitions 
Read about the truly amazing world of dog surfing through the story of one of the founding canine surf contests held on California beaches. This event celebrates these animal athletes, and the loving human-dog connection while fundraising for pets.



Jimmy Buffett Backstory: 'Come Monday'
A Florida broadcasting veteran and Parrothead wrote a new book about "backstories" regarding 50 of Jimmy Buffett's most iconic songs. Starting with this issue, we''ll be sharing excerpts from that body of work. 
i Bossa Nova: The History Behind Brazil's Quiet Revolution
In the early 1960's, Brazil Initiated a quiet musical revolution by exporting the silky sound of Bossa Nova (a fusion of Samba and Jazz) to the rest of the world. 


Happy 100th Birthday Pickapeppa!
The world-famous Pickapeppa Sauce celebrated its 100th birthday last year. Read all about this delicious condiment, its sister sauces, and the company that makes it in the cool mountains of Jamaica. 


Meet the Glass Octopus Whisperer
Oceanic artist Marilyn Ure creates whimsical tiny octopi collectibles (watch video, above) with her exceptional glass-blowing skills and vivid imagination. Legions of fans can't get enough of her jewelry and sculptures. 
P Seaside Paintings by Landscape Artist John Goossens
View oil paintings of sunny beach scenes (painted on location in Mexico and Florida) by the late 20th-century American artist John Goossens. Many may still be available for purchase.
D Art Surprise!
We're excited to share our mystery painting created in soothing blues and greens by an artist in the U.K. What a visual treat! (Image above is a hint.)
G "Natural Pearls" AI Art Showcase
Enjoy viewing stunning AI (artificial intelligence) art showing lustrous natural pearls. Amazing! They look so real...and expensive.


G Pickapeppa Sauce Recipes & Other Tropi Dishes 
Our tropical recipe collection this issue includes dishes made with Pickapeppa Sauce: Chunky Beef Stew, Creole Mango Shrimp, Baked Buffalo-Style Wings, Crispy Potato Chip Cheese-Baked Shrimp, and "The Big Easy" Canape. More recipes: Grilled Spiny Lobster with Fresh Mango Salsa, Creme Brulee (the orchid dessert), famous La Fogata Margarita, and Smoked Coconut Pina Colada.



f Watch a Coral Reef for 10 Hours
Enjoy this video featuring the sights and sounds of the Earth's coral reefs, populated by colorful inhabitants of the oceans. This incredible 10-hour loop was produced by TV channel BBC Earth. 
S How to Book a Fishing Charter: The Definitive Guide
Fishing charters are the stuff memories are made of. Follow these pro trips to book the right charter and enjoy your dream day on the water.



n Top 10 Pollinator Friendly Plants
Pollinator gardens provide food for bees, butterflies, moths, wasps, and other helpful species that pollinate vegetables in our food supply and the beautiful flowers we all enjoy. Learn about the top 10 easiest pollinating plants you can easily grow in container pots



Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pearl Necklace: Tips From a Pro
Find the genuine pearl necklace of your dreams by following the guidance provided by the owner of the world's largest online pearl company. Photos and links galore!



M Pearl Power! 10 Ancient Secrets about Pearl Powder
Fascinating well-researche story about the 10 ancient secrets regarding uses of pearl powder for beauty and health going back to the 4th century! This natural resource is even more valuable today for so many conditions. Who knew?