Seaside Paintings by
~  John Goossens  ~
 American Landscape Artist 

Wayside Shrine

This sweet landscape was painted on location in 1954. The shrine 
is found along a road to Navidad Bay, above Manzanillo, Mexico, at the Pacific Ocean shoreline.
Asking price: $898 
Canvas board: 18" H, 24" W

Fisher Folk - San Blas

This vibrant seascape shows fishermen relaxing on the Pacific Ocean shores of San Blas, Mexico, with a sailing ship in the background. Painted on location in 1956.
Asking price: $1,298
Canvas board: 19" H, 25" W
Painting in frame: 25.50" H, 31.5" W

Sand Sea And Sunshine 

This colorful landsape shows people enjoying a sunny day on a Florida beach. Painted on location in 1957. 
Asking price: $1,288  
Canvas board: 25" W, 20" H
Painting in frame:  28.5” W, 23.5" H

Pacific Shore, San Blas

Seaside painting of the Pacific Ocean shore of San Blas, Mexico, with rock outcropping and people with fishing nets. Painted on location in 1955. 
Asking price: $988
Canvas board: 11.25"H, 17" W

 Painting in frame: 18" H, 24" W

Near Santiago Bay

Another seaside landscape; this one was painted in 1954 near Santiago Bay along the western shoreline above Manzanillo, Mexico.
Sold for: $988
Canvas board: 15.5"H, 18.5" W
Painting in frame: 18.25" H,  21.25" W

Low Tide At San Blas

Painted on location in Mexico in 1955, this scene of a Pacific Ocean inlaid waterway features a girl on a path, a man in a small boat, and a beached ship. 
Asking price: $898
Canvas on board: 24” H, 18” W

Mohawa Bay

Relaxing scene of beach bathers. Painted on location in 1954 on Pacific Coast in Colima State, Manzanillo, Mexico.
Asking price: $898
Canvas on board: 18 " H, 24" W


John Goossens was a 20th-century American artist known for his figure, still life, and landscape oil paintings. Born in Norway, Michigan in 1887, he passed away in  Chicago, Illinois in 1968.

The artist studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago under Frederick Poole, F. De Forest Shook, and George Obertruffer. He also received instruction at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium.

John was a member of the Chicago Art Institute Alumni Association, the All-Illinois Society of Fine Arts, the American Federation of Arts, and the St. Lucas Guild, Antwerp, Belgium.


Goossens was a prolific and talented artist. However, since many of his paintings were commissioned for portrait art, not many have made their way onto the art market.

Some of the paintings remained in John's personal collection until after his passing in 1968. Not long aftwards, in the early 1970s, they were then sold by his family. A number of those artworks (including the landscapes shown in this story) are available for purchase through the 
Ruby Lane online shop of Ahmeek Antiques and Decorative Arts (Ahmeek, MI).